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Hey, I'm Siwalik

A thoughtful software engineer passionate about crafting impactful products and user experiences.

Currently based in beautiful Berlin , Germany, I hail from the vibrant city of Joy, Kolkata , India.

Beyond the code, I share my learnings and experiences on this blog and my YouTube channel, which focuses on software engineering and tech careers, and things, I wish I knew earlier in my journey.


Beyond the keyboard, I'm devouring new languagesnew languages link , exploring photographyphotography link or perfecting my coffee brewing skills (doomscrolling on Reddit optional).

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2022 - Year in Review

Reflecting on the good, bad, and ugly of the past year and consider how to move forward in a positive direction.

I moved to Europe for a tech job, mid pandemic

Does it make sense to leave a stable job with good pay, friends and families and an almost perfect life to start everything afresh from complete zero in a foreign land?

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